Serial In on one port and command out on another..


Right…ok…things becoming clearer, i understand what you mean…is it the Hex, or 0x81, BYTE command i need ? (been doing allot of reading!..) so its ent as a byte of hex, or am i sending 0x81 as hex?

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Serial.print(0x81,HEX); Serial.print(129,HEX);

Both will output the same bit pattern 1000 0001 in binary = 0x81 = 129 decimal

Not quite. Both of the above statemets will output the two ascii characters '8' and '1' in sequence.

If you want to send the bit pattern 1000 0001 as a single byte quantity to your chip you need to use the command:

Serial.print(0x81,BYTE); or ... Serial.print(129,BYTE); or ... Serial.print(B10000001,BYTE);

Yes your right sorry. Mike - see how confusing it can be.

ok guys,

Thanks, now going to play with the various ways, will report in, in a few mins with progress ,

yeah G-Mike, vertical learning curve here, spent my whole life being an aircraft designer, this is a whole new world to me!

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Well guys,

I dont know how to thank you guys enough!!!!!


The poxy cam is listening to my commands now....its was convertion from HEX to Byte,

I need to tidy up the code a bit, as its printing each byte as require, not as a string but its guys are fantastic...

A sincere thanks to all who helped, (and if you're ever in norwich, the beer is on me!)



Well done :)

(and if you're ever in norwich,

Well if you ever come across Paul Beverley say hello from me.

NP Mike,

not sure of the name....sounds familiar though...what circles deos he move in?

Anyway the key was that it was still sending ascii, once 81 became Hex, ther old girl start listning....

All i have to do now is create an array for the zoom commands like 81,01,04,07,0a,0b,0c,0d,FF and the project is back on track...

Again my sincere thanks , toooo many all nighters trying to figure this out..... would never had got this alone, too much to learn in one sitting...



what circles deos he move in

Well is big on the technology front publishing magazines and doing computer repair and the like. He also is something to do with the Church down there. If you see him say “Body Build Mike” he will know me. :wink:

Ok mate, i will keep an eye, and pass rhe message on.,...

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Hello. Looking at this post, its seems we are both trying to control a Sony camera with pan tilt and zoom… with Visca. How did the project go? Do you have some finished code? What I am after is wifi->ethernet>sony evi d100(visca).

The wifi-ethernet part is ok. But I was hoping to save some work with the actual camera control codes.

Anyway, good work!

I am working on a similar project that involves controlling a sony fcb camera (visca) using an arduino and some pushbuttons. I'm still in the early learning stages and this is all new to me. I started a topic already in this forum before stumbling across this thread. I have been able to control the camera with my computer using the fcb demo software from sony and getting a feel for how it works. Writing a sketch looks to be the most challenging part especially since I have zero experience. Anyone have anyone have any samples written that I could look at and get a feel of what needs to be included. It appears the commands being sent and received from my pc are hex(eg. 81560245FF.......) Baud rate 9600....etc. Any info or sample sketches would be greatly appreciated. I will post all my info about the project in the other thread once I get better understanding of what I'm doing so to help others using these sony block cameras. They seem to be very popular with those hobbyists working with robots and rc stuff.