Serial input from IDE Serial Monitor

I am having difficulty returning from sleep mode and reconnecting to the IDE Serial Monitor.

When I open my Serial Monitor in the IDE after a board load or I hit the reset PB the serial input handler within my sketch is connected and accepts whatever I type in. The Serial Monitor itself also accepts Serial output from my sketch and displays it for me.

Through reading in the forums I discovered that when I put my MKR GSM1400 to sleep that I must first close the Serial Monitor before waking the device and then restart the Serial Monitor after hearing the familiar baboomp (USB connect sound) sound from my computer. The Serial monitor then resumes accepting input from my sketch and displays it.

My problem is that Serial data sent from my Serial Monitor does not seem to be getting back to my sketch. In fact if I send anything to my sketch it locks the IDE and I must force an end to the process to regain control. Even on restart of the IDE though it still refuses t accept Serial input from the Serial Monitor and any attempt to do so will lock up the IDE once again. The only thing that restores this link seems to be a board reload or the reset PB. Is there a command line I may not be aware of to reestablish this link or possibly a procedural change with regards to the USB connection?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

In fact if I send anything to my sketch it locks the IDE

The Serial Monitor and the IDE are two separate applications. The Serial Monitor application can not possibly lock the IDE.

If the Arduino is connected to the PC, the PC is powering the Arduino. What is the benefit of putting the Arduino to sleep?

While I won't dispute your statement of them being two separate applications, I must insist that whatever is happening actually does freeze both the Serial monitor and the IDE. Also, whichever I choose to force closure from the task manager it forces closure of both.

As far as the benefit of putting it to sleep goes, I want it to be programmable from either a PC or cell phone. Normal operation will involve switching it on or off depending on the needs of the owner. While asleep (off), it can be charged and made ready for the next use. I'm still experimenting with the cell phone connection but the PC connection is up and running. I plan to see if I can use HyperTerminal or an equivalent in place of the IDE since I don't plan to sell it with the IDE. It would just be nice to know that the interface in my sketch isn't being crashed by the act of putting it to sleep.