Serial input / output


This might not be exactly the right forum to ask opinions on this, but I am excited about the opportunities to use serial port for I/O. One of my plans is to build an intelligent class cockpit for my airplane, which would have speech output etc. I am afraid that the capacity of arduino is not enough to do that.

Do you know of any tool like Arduino IDE that I could use to communicate with the serial port on computer?


Could you explain more? Do you want something that runs on the atmega chip or on the pc?

Edit: It seems I misunderstood your question. I'll just make what I had written small in case it may be of some use anyways.

Most programming environments allow for serial communication, and the Arduino can handle it directly.

Check out

Then, to receive the information on the Arduino you can read from the Serial port, e.g:

if (Serial.available() > 0) //check to see if serial data is available { while(Serial.available() > 0) // when there is you... { //something with } }

You can google for some really good info on receiving serial data on your arduino. I haven't tried it myself, but it should be similar when sending data from the Arduino.


The mega is certainly capable of doing what you want. I have built a VGA board using the picaso chip from Sparkfun that drives a 7" LCD monitor. I am using it for a tire monitoring system for my large RV. There is also a text to speech chip available but it is currently out of stock. As soon as it becomes available I am going to hook that up for speech output on the unit. The mega has a total of 4 serial ports and since the Picaso uVGA controller AND the speech chip both take serial, this works out very well.

I have a full arduino library for the picaso chip if you are interested. It is very easy to hook up to the arduino.

With the mega, you could do all this and take a GPS input and your other sensors.

What the Arduino cannot do is a full moving map GPS, it does not have enough speed or memory.

As far as other platforms, the ARM is a good choice for LOTS OF MEMORY and SPEED. It however is much more difficult to learn.

Hope this helps