Serial Interfacing LabView

Hi there,

Still in the process of interfacing my 16 pressure sensors, 8 TK and a couple of other frequencies (counters) and analog ins.
I'd like to have a go at LabView as it might give me extended flexibility over what I have now.

These sensors are read through 2 MUX for the analog part and a TK shield from ocean controls (so the 8Thermocouples come as digital informations).

So here's the deal :
My Arduino outputs all the datas to serial separated by commas @ around 1Hz.

i.e : 378,378,378,377,375,375,356,375,359,359,359,360,388,386,386,386,382,384,382,384,369,370,369,371,2147292817,2147292817,2147292817,2147292817,21474, 92837,2147492817,fault,j7:21.25,0,0

Now, I know I need to use the VISA plug-in in LabView but how can I make it recognize every value and give it a name / an output that I can then feed to gauge, a graph AND log to a file.
Subsidiary question : how can I correct the values to give them their real "physical" meaning.

I tried to find some useful infos about how to interface serial texts to LabView but everything I found was too high of a level for me, now so if somebody could please point me toward which direction / help me on this one, I'd be more than grateful!

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Now, I

have some questions that have nothing to do with the Arduino. Asking on a more appropriate forum seems a better choice.

Now, I

had forgotten how childishly sarcastic, forums could be but

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for reminding me.

Giving it some afterthought, I might not be on the right forum, you're probably right!

Thanks for the redirection! :slight_smile: