Serial interfacing problem

I want to write a program that interfaces with the Arduino, but the function in my chosen programming language asks for an I/O address. My Arduino is connected to COM8 on my computer. How do I find out what I/O address that is on?

What programming language are you using ?

ah, whoops!

An oversight on my part... :)

I am using 3D Gamestudio, which uses a game engine, ACKNEX7 and a programming language referred to as Lite-C. To my knowledge, Lite-C is actually C, but it uses a special library "acknex.h" instead of the other ones normally in C programs and is specialized for 3D games and applications.

Are you trying to use the port_in / port_out function in the Script Editor ? This might be really difficult to use, are you're using the I/O ports on your computer, and I must say the list is quite long and can result in some reaaaly bad stuff if you write to the wrong port... Here's a list of all the I/O ports if you still want to try it ^^

My guess would be that you'd better use a .dll For instance, the System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class is part of the System.dll you find on every computer with Windows... Search for the API and dll_open sections in the Script Editor help.

Thanks, I'll look into this for future reference! :)

For my project I've found a safer workaround, namely using PPJoy and the serial print command to send messages to be interpreted as joystick input.