Serial IO on pins 0 and 1.

I remember reading someplace the proper way to wire a serial device on pins 0 and 1 such that they did not interfere with the USB fidi chip. As I recall there was no problem with the output but the input needed some special attention to setup device priority. After some google foo I can't seem to find the article. It was a fairly in-depth article with lots of details. Any one recall where it is? Thank you.

it boild down to -> if you use pin 0 (input RX) be sure to disconnect it when uploading new sketches.

And be sure to not have Tx blast out a steady stream of stuff on existing sketch startup - that keeps the IDE from starting the dowload too, requiring manual intervention with the reset switch.

The article I was thinking of also went into detail about setting up the system to be tolerant if an external serial device was left connected during an up load. It was more in depth than simple "do this, don't do that"

Maybe this one?

Thank you! That does look like it. If it's not the exact one, it does contain the information I was after!

Thank you again.