Serial LCD 128x64 shows "wrong" information with Serial.print

Im new in this forum. I have a problem with some variables that i want to print in the serial lcd 128x64. In my code, i use some variables int andf float to make some operations, but when i want to show them in the lcd appear more characters that dont have to appear! (Using Serial.print and Serial.printl) and i dont know why they are showed.
I hope somebody can help me with it, i have tryed to change all the variables to int type and all float, but is the same problem.

I left the link where my code is.

PD. The errors just appear when i print the variable level, porcentage and litros.

Not sure what you are seeing - show us a photo perhaps?

I did notice this:

      int litro=((litros/100)*(porcentaje));

Which will fail as litros is an int - integer division is not what you want here, try:

      int litro=(int) (litros*porcentaje/100.0) ;

Thanks, I've modified the code you give me, but the error still showing, i add a link to show the photos that i took

the first number is the porcentage, but when i move the potenciometer to change it, the last numbers doesnt erase or they change the position, thats why there are 2 points. the 2nd num is just an analog read. 3rd is just a counter 4th is "litros" that shows other numbers or symbols.

And thanks a lot for your help.

Is there a spec sheet of the display? I have a theory but need some reading.

BTW, does the "wrong" info always appear the same glyph (shape)?

You aren't erasing the line before overprinting?

Hi!, this is the datasheet of lcd i use:

and yes, the “wrong” info appear always whith the same variables, (the “wrong” info change, stm are numbers or symbols, points or whatever), what i’ve though is that perhaps when i make operations with the variables im not doing it well, and that operations generate that “wrong” code/info, because stm everything is printed well, and others appear that wrong info. (and i dont know what to do :frowning: )

(and i just rewrite over the characters i print, i’ve tried eraseing the code once is printed, but it star to blink) :~