Serial LCD (Modern Device LCD117) and text scrolling

Can anyone tell me where I can find a library to scroll text using Modern Device LCD117 Serial LCD 2x 16 chars ?

I have seen examples of text Scrolling (left) using the LiquidCrystal.h Library but that assumes you have the LCD wired in Parallel using 4 pins and I just have 1 pin for the data transmition.

Any Help Welcome !


I answered this for you over on the ModernDevice board. Here it is again for the people reading it here:

Why do you need a library? It seems to me that you can use ?! to send a direct command to the LCD and follow that with the command 0b00011000 which should shift the display one position to the left. Do this as many times as you need for the desired shift. This is unverified as I do not have an LCD117 to check it out. Remember that for a multiline display all of the lines will shift together.


Note: The 0b00011000 comes from the Hitachi data sheet 'Instructions' on Table 6. The format is 0 0 0 1 S/C R/L x x. The S/C bit determines which moves (the cursor or the display), and the R/L bit determines the direction.