Serial LCD on Arduino pin

Hi everyone !

Basically, for particular reasons, I can't free the Tx pin (pin 1) of my Arduino for my serial LCD...

This might be stupid for you but... Is it possible to command the serial LCD with another pin (the pin 2 for example) ??

Thanks ;)

Yes, have a look at the software serial libraries

Ok, I'll peep on it :) Thanks !

Ok, that seems more complicated than I thought... I'd still have the Tx and Rx pin free for a serial transmission, that why I wonder if it's possible to made a kind of "second" serialprint just for the pin connected to the Arduino.

I saw the library "SoftwareSerial", in my mind, it's here we have to modify something to create a second serial instruction... But how ?

I'm a beginner (like a lot of people on this forum), I apologise for my english, I'm french but really glad about your help :)

Thank you.

See the instructions and examples here:

Thanks a lot Webmeister, thanks to this library, everything works ! :D

If you want a lot of guidance on connecting a LCD module, using the seial library, NOT using pins 0 and 1, it is available at...

... but that is a big read. If you just need the answer in a nutshell, without much "help", the other resources, cited earlier, are probably worth a visit first.

Thank you tkbyd :)

Your link is awesome too, there is more specifications than the first one ! For the moment, everything works but the day I'd like to go further with my serial LCD, your link will be helpful ;)

Hop ! Bookmarked !

That's amazing, english forums are definitively better than the french ones ::)

Bye and thank you again !