Serial Libray Question

Hello everyone,

I started a project to connect my android phone to arduino yun.
but my question is a bit more general.

I'm trying to understand how if (serial) works?
to be more specific I want to understand what make the USB CDC serial connection to be declared as open?

my project setup is as follow:
android (using USB host) -> OTG cable -> micro USB cable -> arduino Yun

I got to the point where i can send data from android and receive the data in my arduino (RX LED blinks).
but when I try to send data using serial.print() I don't get any indication by TX LED.

running the same script with the computer get TX LED blinking only after opening the serial monitor, which mean the action of opening the serial monitor also open the USB CDC serial connection, right? but if so, how does it do it?

to arduino yun.

Then you are in the wrong place. Your question belongs in the Yun part of the forum. Ask a moderator to move it.

this mechanism also fit Leonardo, i just wanted to describe the problem with detail...
i think it is general but then again maybe u r right