Serial Logger Issue

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing a problem with a serial logger reading in from two data sources. I am not very familiar with programming such devices but received a lot of help from a mentor and have created a solid platform for my project.

This is an excerpt from my code that I am positive the problem is arising from:

Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println(); setupOpenLog(); Serial.println(); geiger.begin(9600); geiger2.begin(9600); Serial.flush();

Currently only the second item geiger2's data is being read in and I suspect it has something to do with the flush, but I'm not familiar with using serial and wonder what a feasible solution is.

Any help is greatly appeciated

Just to possibly clarify on the problem I’m having both in the serial causes the logger to only log data from geiger2 and it logs data only from geiger if geiger2 is removed.

You really should show us code here. Complete code... based on your description its hard to say what goes wrong..

Also tell us what Arduino board you are using? With 3 serial devices you probably should be using a Mega.