Serial Monitor - a request for some enhancements

A request for some enhancements to the Serial Monitor. When you unclick "Autoscroll" to examine output, I find it a bit awkward.

  • If the page-up and page-down keys could work.
  • After selecting text (left mouse hold down), if the "copy" option could appear with a right mouse click. CTRL-C does work but a two-handed operation.
  • It would be really great if I could search the output for particular text. This is for catching particular time/date/counts/strings for debugging.

Whilst enhancements to the Serial monitor would be nice you can always use a terminal emulator, which is what I do if I want enhanced functionality such as logging to a file

Using a terminal emulator, I find it's a fight for the Arduino's COM port and verify/upload/serial monitor is just no fun disconnecting/switching between two applications. TeraTerm Pro is my old favorite.
Is this the best (topic) place for asking for enhancements to the Arduino IDE? I wasn't sure.

I agree that the need to connect/disconnect from the COM port when using a terminal emulator is a nuisance, but when needed the functionality of a terminal emulator is very useful, as is the use of an Arduino with more than one UART or using SoftwareSerial for debug output to avoid the need to connect/disconnect the COM port

There is also the "Professional" Arduino IDE (currently (permanently ?) in alpha version) that I have not looked at so I don't know if there are any changes to the Serial monitor. See

This would seem to be a good place to suggest enhancements, but from experience, don't expect a quick turnaround

It could be done like a Tool-plugin
By just coping the original Serial port code make the changes and then compile to jar and use as a extension in place of the original code.
I could do a experimental version, I will see if I can spare some time.

Would be nice if the Serial Monitor listens to page-feed characters to wipe the screen.

It would be nice if it did several more things, but there are more important issues with teh IDE to be addressed first and you can always use a third party terminal emulator if you want more functionality

The ability to open a TCP connection would be nice.

Would be nice if the Serial Monitor listens to page-feed characters to wipe the screen.

Or even better, ANSI escape sequences, for example: Esc[2j to move the cursor "home", and Esc[2J to clear the screen. That is, if I remember correctly, it's been a long time since I used those on MS-DOS.... :wink:

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