Serial Monitor and debug area problem

Hi All

I've been using the Arduino board and software for a few months and not had this problem until yesterday. The Program Notification area ( in the Arduino 0011 Alpha software has mysteriously disappeared. Even if I type an error, it does not return. In addition to this, whenever I try to use the Serial Monitor, it doesn't appear and the software freezes (menu bar still works but most functions such as uploading, saving, etc. fail to work).

I've tried reinstalling the software and using Arduino 0010 Alpha but the problem persists. I've searched the forums for this problem but have found nothing. Hope you can help.

I'm using:

Windows XP SP2 Arduino Diecimila Arduino 0011 Alpha

Have you removed preferences files as well ?

Thanks very much for a swift and fruitful reply. Worked a charm. What an an insufferable noob I must appear :)

Cool to see it worked ^^ A noob ? Hey, just have a look at the questions I ask about electronics, and see who's the noob :D