Serial Monitor Crashes IDE


I am using an HP Stream (64 bit) and running Arduino IDE 1.8.9 (Windows Store I can upload and alter code without problems; however, when I click to open the Serial Monitor, the entire application crashes. I can reopen the application without trouble and keep programming and uploading to my Arduino/Genuino UNO.

The same problem occurred when using a basic ASUS laptop.

I have been unsuccessful reading others' posts for solving my crashing problem.

Thank you for any help you can suggest.

Does it happen with the normal (non windows store, ie installer or .zip package) version of the IDE?

The windows store version is prone to wacky problems that don't happen with the normal version, and which don't reproduce consistently for other users. Windows store is a xxxxshow (not specifically with Arduino, but in general - the stuff on it is either desktop apps ported to windows store, which are buggy, or modern style apps designed for it which work, but have limited functionality compared to available desktop applications)

Thank you for your help! The non-Windows store version did the trick!! Onward to happy tinkering!!