Serial Monitor Font Size patch

after hours of searching I was finally able to come to This theres a patch for the issue 550 or something like that from what I read.

I've been searching the web and the forums on HOW TO INSTALL THE PATCH but I cant find anything. I see various other threads that offer "patches" but none of them say how to install the patches. The only thread I found with this exact question was unanswered (in the old forums)

I tried the help menu in Arduino, I tried just copy/paste code into the sketch screen, I tried double clicking on the .diff file. I tried opening it with Java, opening it with Arduino. I only have a .diff file and I dont know what to do with it

Please, I would appreciate your help and thank you in advance

It is not that easy. (Not just adding a file somewhere ...)

You have to create (build, make ...) your own version of arduino from the resources.

"You must compile the latest code from github, or wait until the next official Arduino release.

Instructions for setting up the build environment and compiling the code are here:"

br - KH