serial monitor for attiny85

so I got this monitor working in two really weird ways, but I am trying to make a shield that I can both program and do a serial monitor on, but that involves downloading two sketches on the arduino (one for the Arduino ISP) and another one that actually lets me read serial.

first one is the sketch in the examples, the one you use to normal upload to attiny (arduinoISP) and the second one does something weird I dont understand, this is the one that lets me read the serial data.

void setup() {

void loop() {

one weird thing is that if I hold down reset it seems to read it as well, no idea why. but neither are not helpful for this shield I am trying to build.

I think that there might be some serial data getting crossed, but not exactly sure what is going on. any ideas? here is the setup I am using to read the serial data:

Have you tried this…

Nice tutorial for it…

If you really want to use Arduino as a serial/USB converter you have two options.

  1. Remove the processor (very carefully)
  2. Connect a jumper wire between Reset and Ground. (and not a capacitor as you have now) For safety upload an empty sketch (as you have done, and the resitor you have is fine for protecting)

But it is cumbersome as you have probably already figured out.

First you need to connect your ArduinoISP with your ATtiny. When you have finished programming, you must remove the programming wires and then connect other wires to use the Arduino as Serial/USB. If you want to make changes you have to start over.

It is incredibly much easier with Coding Badly's TinyISP - no more fiddling/connecting/reconnecting wires.

You just program your attiny let all wires be where they are, and opens serialle monitor to see your debug text

It's a real relief, it makes programming and debugging of ATtiny's as easy as an Arduino