Serial Monitor -> GUI

Hello there,

I am getting some values each second in the serial monitor, but with autoscrolling it is very annoying and hard to read.
Instead of that I would prefer to see these values in their own window while update themselves in there without keeping the previous data..

Is there any way to do that?


Not by using the Serial Monitor; you'll need a different terminal program.

any suggestions?

is far from a definitive list.

There are loads on Sourceforge

RealTerm is quite good. But take your pick really

BTW. You can just untick the “Autoscroll” option in the Arduino Serial terminal (its at the bottom left of the window)

You could switch to using UECIDE instead of the Arduino IDE. It has a proper ANSI serial terminal in it instead of the rancid Arduino serial monitor, which handles the main ANSI cursor control sequences (^[[3;8H for example), as well as colour.

And it's a better IDE than the Arduino one too :stuck_out_tongue:

And it's a better IDE than the Arduino one too :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^ That.

Hey guys thank for the responses!

Is it possible to print every new price inside the serial monitor on top of the old ones?
I mean it is a little bit annoying to print each value into a new line.

I have a Temperature sensor and till now the serial monitor prints a new temp per second…
It could be great if the new value could be change on the top of the previous ones…

Is there any way to do that?

My code looks like this…

#include <Wire.h>
#include "HTU21D.h"

//Create an instance of the object
HTU21D myHumidity;

void setup()


void loop()
  float temp = myHumidity.readTemperature();

  Serial.print(" Temperature:");
  Serial.print(temp, 1);


No, not with the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor - it is way too primitive for that.

All the serial monitor consists of is a simple text box to which the incoming text is added verbatim. Add too much text and it slows right down. It’s one of the weakest links in the Arduino IDE.

Can I do it with UECIDE?