Serial Monitor/IDE feature requests

For ARDUINO IDE 2: When the "UPLOAD" Button is pushed, the IDE should switch from the SERIAL MONITOR pane to the OUTPUT pane, then the OUTPUT pane should immediately paint an indication (like "UPLOADING") that the OUPUT Button has been pushed before the IDE does anything else. A blank black screen is disconcerting.
The SERIAL MONITOR needs an infallible START/STOP button to halt or disconnect reception and display of the serial stream.
The SERIAL MONITOR should be undockable.
Opening my CODE in the Sublime Text App (Windows 10), it colorizes (syntax highlighting using Scope Naming) the CODE with greater detail from Arduino 2 BETA which only colors CODE in Black, Gray, and Red. Hopefully syntax highlighting is something to look forward to, and should be controlled by a syntax file.

And where is the Serial Plotter?

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I don't feel like searching them all out, but I think it has all already been requested in the Arduino IDE 2.x issue tracker. You can subscribe to those issues to get updates about any progress on implementing the requested features:

What do you mean by "searching them all out"; searching for what, and who are you to voice your feelings about a feature request?

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