Serial Monitor isn't outputting anything when using STM32 micro-144

The Serial Monitor is blank when using an STM32 micro-144 microcontroller.
Is there a way to view it?

I'm using this repo:

The baud rate is set to 115200.

Is there a way to view it?

If there wasn't, you wouldn't know it was blank, would you?

There must be something wrong with your code. If you HAD read the rules before blundering in here, you'd know that you need to post your code, and how.

Go read them now.

Very mature response.

#define SerialPort Serial

void setup()

void loop()
    SerialPort.print("Motor Control Application Example for 2 Motors. Loop: ");

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What exact STM board are you using? Given that you linked to a repo in the 'official' STM32 Arduino core is it correct assume you're definitely using that rather than Roger's core?

What exact STM board are you using?


Also using this shield.

Ok, I'll export the Mbed (online IDE) version of the program to Kiel uVision debugger...if I can figure that behemoth out...