Serial Monitor Prints Garbage at Baud rate other than 9600


I am trying to get my code to work at a baud rate of 38400 so that I can use it with PLX-DAQ for real-time importing into excel. Right now my code only produces proper values for 9600 and garbage for any other rate I try to set. I have an Arduino Uno. Code is included below

int x = 0;

void setup()
  Serial.begin(38400); //  set up to print out text to monitor

void loop()
  x = analogRead(3); // read analog input pin 3
  Serial.println(x); // print bit value to serial monitor
  delay(100); //add a delay

For certain versions of Arduino, a baud rate of 38400 was problematic … check the IDE revision history.

Hi, You are also setting the baud rate at the monitor as well? Bottom right hand corner of monitor window.

Tom... :)

Thanks Tom! Very new to this. The tiny details..