Serial monitor(s) with more IDE (name) open, suggestions

Sometimes I have 3 times a IDE open on my PC.

Most of the time it's because I have 2 sketches what should be one sketch.

If uing the serialmonitor, in the bar there s alway your com port and kind of port.
For example COM5 (Arduino/Genuino Uno)

My suggestion is to view the name of the Sketch also in the bar.
For example HelloWorld.ino - COM5 (Arduino/Genuino Uno)

For me it will help al lot, because I sometimes have more then 5 sketches open and 4 boards attached.
Labeling an Arduino is not the solution.

I also can't see more then one serial monitor. Maybe this can be also integraded in the upcomming version.

What do you think my friends ?