Serial monitor serie export data

grettings everyone

do existe something to get the data in the serial monitor a one calculate sheet like excel o matlab?

sorry for my english

in advance, thanks!!!

Look for PLX-DAQ.

PLX-DAQ can do a lot if you run excel on a PC. for example if you need bi-directional communication between the Arduino and Excel and advanced stuff (like build a user interface in Excel and use macros etc). It also works for simple stuff obviously.

Depending on the needs, an alternative possibility is also to manually launch excel, put the cursor in the right place and then use an Arduino capable of sending Keyboard events to fill in the data

if things can be done in batch then you could also write a CSV file on an SD card and once the acquisition is finished, take the SD card in the computer and open the CSV file in excel to perform the calculation. if your arduino is able to access the TCP-IP network of your computer, then things like sending the CSV file through FTP could also be accomplished.

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