Serial monitor that displays control characters and other non-printing chars

I am working with a protocol where binary data (not text) is sent over serial.

This means that I need to be able to see and identify all characters that the device sends (and being able to send such control characters would be nice too!)

Right now, I've been suffering through - either I accept that I can't see all of the characters and use a normal serial terminal like the IDE's serial monitor, or I use an Espruino as a go-between, and use it's facility for viewing (either by converting to a Uint8Array or viewing string with escaping).

There's got to be a serial terminal/monitor of some sort that displays every character - I can't be the only person who wants to debug non-printing characters sent over serial. Does anyone know of one?


RealTerm has a dozen different methods of display.

Hterm can do that in different ways. The program is in english language: