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Are there any good programs for displaying data normally printed to the serial monitor (for PC)? Instead of seeing values whizzing by I'm looking for a display of values (maybe 20+) that constantly updates from println statements.

You could use a proper terminal programme, like RealTerm, but you may be moving the problem rather than solving it. At least you can then record the data, which gives you the chance to look at it properly later.

The whizzing past is almost certainly due to your Arduino program, not your choice of terminal program.

There are many options for terminal emulation programs PuTTY is one and I use Minicom - but I think it only works on Linux.

Many of the terminal emulation programs can emulate a VT100 terminal and then your Arduino program could send control codes that could, for example, cause text to be over-printed on the same line.


Ok I've seen a few Arduino interfaces that act as GUIs such as some with Processing and MaxMSP, and firmata, I'm wondering if anyone has used any special versions that work well for debugging, mainly for displaying a large amount of variable values in a constant display. I realize this can be done with an external display such as LCD but I'm looking for more than that.

I think you need to be more coherent about exactly what your problem is. Now you are talking about debugging, and that is what the serial monitor is for, indeed that is its main purpose. It's ability to display the data is limited mainly by your ability to write Serial.print commands and it will hold rather more of it than your average LCD. It also has autoscroll control. Maybe that is where your problem lies. It might also be time to read the first line of reply#2 again.

Maybe you need to re read my last post.

Maybe you need to re read my last post.

That just leaves me twice as confused. :slight_smile:

Can you provide some examples of what you want the Arduino to send and what you want to see on the screen?


I found Druid Builder and that might work. I happen to be debugging a sketch with a lot of variables and flags I want to watch simultaneously and continuously, maybe 20 or more. So at a minimum I just want an Excel-like block of variable values that constantly update with print commands from the Arduino. To go beyond that maybe add some charting for some variables and/or visual indications when they reach thresholds or some conditions would be great. I actually saw something for arduino to excel I will probably look into that as well.

I happen to be debugging a sketch with a lot of variables and flags I want to watch simultaneously and continuously, maybe 20 or more.

IMHO that is not an effective approach to debugging. It sounds like information overload. Focus on one problem at a time and you only need to look at one or two values. And the Serial Monitor or equivalent will be more than adequate.

If your program is divided into a series of short single-purpose functions then it should be possible to test each of them separately.

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Thanks for the advice I'm working on a system with many functions I am getting each function to work separately. Putting it all together is the "information overloading" condition. Many inputs, indicator variables and values need to be observed at this point. Something like excel is what I'm looking for, I also found Telemetry Viewer by Farrell Farahbod which works great.

PLX-DAQ. Trust Me. :slight_smile: !

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