Serial monitor using USPasp Avr programmer , need help !!

hello everybody ,

i have an urgent question really hope anyone could help me

i have an uno board and a USBasp avr programmer which is based on atmega8

my usb socket in arduino uno doesn`t work so i used the avr programmer to upload sketches and it worked through 6 pins (ICSP)

now i need to get "serial monitor" for a purpose with hc-05 bluetooth module as it doesn`t work

[u]the question is :[/u]

can i get to serial monitor using USBasp avr programmer and icsp pins without usb cable ??????????

really need help as soon as possible

thanks alot ! :)

Do you want to use a serial port to connect to the HC-05 or a (virtual) serial port to the computer ?

It seems that the usb-serial on the Arduino Uno board is broken. You can still use pin 0 (RX) and pin 1 (TX) for other things, but you have to override the signals to the usb-serial. Perhaps you have to remove one or two resistors to the usb-serial.

Or you can use SoftwareSerial on other pins to create a serial port.

When you want to create a (virtual) serial port to the computer, you need a usb-serial adapter board. Such a board connects the usb to a serial port.