Serial monitor? Via USB and a standalone screen?

Hi all,

I'm looking into a way to create a way of displaying a set of temperature that my Arduino mega has via its Serial.print

It would be really great if this can be done via the USB cable that plugs into my Arduino as my end product has no access to the Arduino..

I want to somewhat make a cool external panel that has readout of the computers temperature.

I run 6 10k ntc thermistors and they show up fine in my serial monitor..

Any ideas for me to explore?

I was thinking

  1. The LCD I buy will display 7or 8 lines of text

You would need a device on the other end of the USB cable that is capable of interpreting USB commands. That would most likely be a computer. The cheapest option would probably be a Raspberry Pi Zero but that's kind of overkill just for the sake of being able to use a USB cable for communication.

Why not just drive the LCD directly from the Arduino? That will be much more simple.

Does the external panel need to be separated from the Arduino? If so, by how much distance (i.e. cable length).

I'd say a 1.5-2m length would be fine..

Is that possible?

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

if you had wifi, and a tablet , you might be able to connect wirelessly ?

as for wired, there are smart displays. on-board micro and you send the data and the display has a separate micro that does the heavy lifting.