Serial monitor with L298

I could not find any sample code for the Serial monitor with L298. I would like to control Arduino Nano with L298 on a Serial monitor. I will use it with Rs485 in the future. Right now I am trying to learn how to use L298 with a Serial monitor. Can someone help me with it or where do I find some sample code for L298 with Serial Monitor.


One place to start is by learning how to send and parse data from the serial monitor (or any PC terminal program), covered in this tutorial: Serial Input Basics.

I did not make myself clear on this. I do know how to use a serial monitor. But I do not know how to use L298. I am kind of new on L298. I would like to control two motors with variable speed.

Have you searched for "arduino L298"? There are thousands of tutorials on line.

But be prepared for disappointment. The L298 is over 40 years old, weak (cannot handle the current required by many toy motors) and is very inefficient, with up to half the battery power wasted as heat.

You also haven't said what kind of motor...

For a more modern stepper motor controlled by commands from the Serial Monitor take a look at my tutorial
Simple Multi-tasking in Arduino

thank you and I got it working now. It is a regular DC motor. It is for the HO loco DC train.