Serial Monitor

I find new questions while I'm running and learning:

·_ When I try to change the "Serial Monitor Baud Rate" another value out of 9600 doesn't let the Serial Monitor read correctly; I mean Serial Monitor only works with 9600 for me. The output shows a large and growing string of little squares (inprintable characters).

·_ If you disconect the board while you're working with the Serial Monitor (and lets IDE working with the Serial Monitor opened), it happens that an error flows and (in my case) all the f*king SO goes crazy (one day... one day I'll burn my dear computer+XP with a match and a little "bit_e" of gasoline)!! May be it's my computer: I don't know. Now I prevent it closing the Serial Monitor before disconect Arduino except when I'm amused burning my fingers with the soldering iron (arrrggg $¿#damn%&*!!!!!!!): I'm very newby.

·_ And two stupid comments about possible misprints:

·· The comments from the Sketchbook-example "Driving two DC motors":

int motorPin1 = 9; // Motor 1 connected to digital pin 9

int motorPin2 = 8; // Motor 1 connected to digital pin 8

int potPin1 = 5; // Potentiometer1 connected to analog pin 5 ( 5 is 1 in some boards)

int potPin2 = 4; // Potentiometer1 connected to analog pin 5 ( 4 is 2 in some boards)

motor1_PW = analogRead (potPin1)/5; // Pot 1 read scale change

motor2_PW = analogRead (potPin2)/5; // Pot 1 read scale change

·· (Sorry: out from, but Arduino's team) Banzi's nice driver example. Double JP1? "for normal operation JP1 and JP1 must have a jumper connecting pin 1 and 2". Please, more more more about steppers (chopping unipolar, axis, schemas...).

Keep on hARD-UI-NOsed!! Regards.


The value you select in the "Serial Monitor Baud Rate" has to match the value you pass to beginSerial() in your Arduino sketch. On serial boards, anything up to 19200 should work; on the USB ones you can get up to 115200 (with Arduino 0003). If changing the call to beginSerial() doesn't fix the problem, let us know.

Oooops:-[! Thanks Mellis: sorry... I forgot to write the equivalent value inside beguinSerial(). About the second point the error collapses the RAM. I use Arduino with a PIV 256 Mb RAM. It colud be nice to catch it.