Serial Monitor?

In the Arduino IDE preferences, we can use a different editor. Can we use a different serial monitor?

I assume any Terminal Application will work.

I often use realterm.

I have my preference to coolterm, a very simple terminal program.

Wasn't the question, "... opens automatically as the serial monitor from the IDE button..."? Not, "are there terminal apps...".

Yes, we can.

I meant, can we substitute another serial monitor that opens when I click on "Serial Monitor"?


Not to my knowledge.

The IDE controls the integrated aerial monitor; when you do an upload, the IDE closes the serial port used by the serial monitor so the upload can happen.

So the first step is to find a terminal program that accepts external commands so the IDE can control it. I don't know if they exist.

If they do exist, the next problem is that the IDE needs to be able to talk to it with the correct commands.