Serial mp3 player Arduino - How to play a audio from a specific time.

Hi All!
Hope some one can help me.
I am able to play mp3 files using YX5300 UART Control Serial MP3 Music Player**,** with Arduino.
My question is how can i play a mp3 file from a certain time, not from beginning ?
I am not able to find any Command for this purpose from Supplied Commands Like:

I don't believe the YX5300 has that capability. I can't actually think of an MP3 player that does. Finding a specific time in an MP3 file is not easy.

If you always want to start at a specific place you could use an application like Audacity to cut the beginning off your MP3 file and save the bit you want to play as a separate MP3.


Finding a specific time in an MP3 file is not easy.

So is it possible to do this in wav format using same mp3 player module ?
Or Is there any way to use famous tmrpcm library with this module, as there is a function that states:“filename”,30); // plays a file starting at 30 seconds into the track

I don't think using wav files affects what commands the YX5300 provides.

I've never used tmrpcm but documentation and examples look good. Why don't you give it a try and see if it does what you want and the sound quality is good enough for you.