Serial not displaying inside a loop?

Hi all, I've finally taken the step to making a whole program in Arduino, and to debug I'm trying to write to serial.

here's my code

    for(int r = 0;r++;r < 4){
      for(int c = 0;c++;c < 16){
        lcd.setCursor(c, r);
        if(field[r][c] == 1){

The println() and print() inside of the loops don't work. The first print however does. My c is maybe a bit rusty?

This is the declaration of field

int field[15][4];
for(int c = 0;c++;c < 16)

The for loop consists of three parts. The 1st is the initialization. The 2nd is the end condition. The 3rd is the increment or decrement to control the value for the next pass.

You have the 2nd and 3rd parts reversed.

Sometimes it just helps to say your problem out loud.