Serial Output from ESP-01 (Hardware Serial vs Software Serial)

Hello! I’m working on a project involving formatted sensor data being sent over a wireless network and currently I’m working on interfacing with my ESP-01 module using a Sparkfun redboard.

My first methods of verification were to interface using hardware serial by turning the redboard into a pseudo USB-Serial converter with a blank sketch.

This is the output from the above implementation. (see hardware.png) The output is clear and works as intended.
Next, I interfaced using Software Serial because the final design of my project would require so. Below are the output and the code to interface over Software Serial. (see software.png and code.png)

As you can see, when you compare the hardware serial output to the software serial output there is a clear difference. Interfacing with the module seems to be working as intended over software serial because the module responds to commands as it should, but the output in some cases is clipped. The software serial output also always comes with a “busy p…” message between commands and responses. I’m concerned with this because when I eventually start transferring data to the module I don’t want their to be any loss.

Any suggestions or solutions as to what causes this behavior would be really helpful and appreciated!

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Remove the delay calls from your code, they are not necessary. The serial buffer will overflow if more than 32 bytes arrive while you're waiting in these delays.

Don't use the String class. It fragments your memory in no time and sooner than you think you run out of memory. Use C style strings instead (character arrays).