Serial output was not declared in this scope?

I am uploading this code, which i got from this tutorial, but I get this error message (below the sketch)
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>// import the serial library

SoftwareSerial Genotronex(10, 11); // RX, TX
int ledpin=12; // led on D13 will show blink on / off
int BluetoothData; // the data given from Computer

// Variables
int pulsePin = 0; // Pulse Sensor purple wire connected to analog pin 0
int blinkPin = 13; // pin to blink led at each beat
int fadePin = 5; // pin to do fancy classy fading blink at each beat
int fadeRate = 0; // used to fade LED on with PWM on fadePin

// Volatile Variables, used in the interrupt service routine!
volatile int BPM; // int that holds raw Analog in 0. updated every 2mS
volatile int Signal; // holds the incoming raw data
volatile int IBI = 600; // int that holds the time interval between beats! Must be seeded!
volatile boolean Pulse = false; // “True” when User’s live heartbeat is detected. “False” when not a “live beat”.
volatile boolean QS = false; // becomes true when Arduoino finds a beat.

// Regards Serial OutPut – Set This Up to your needs
static boolean serialVisual = true; // Set to ‘false’ by Default. Re-set to ‘true’ to see Arduino Serial Monitor ASCII Visual Pulse

void setup(){
pinMode(blinkPin,OUTPUT); // pin that will blink to your heartbeat!
pinMode(fadePin,OUTPUT); // pin that will fade to your heartbeat!
Serial.begin(115200); // we agree to talk fast!
interruptSetup(); // sets up to read Pulse Sensor signal every 2mS
// analogReference(EXTERNAL);
Genotronex.println(“Bluetooth On please press 1 or 0 blink LED …”);

// Where the Magic Happens
void loop(){

serialOutput() ;

if (QS == true){ // A Heartbeat Was Found
// BPM and IBI have been Determined
// Quantified Self “QS” true when arduino finds a heartbeat
digitalWrite(blinkPin,HIGH); // Blink LED, we got a beat.
fadeRate = 255; // Makes the LED Fade Effect Happen
// Set ‘fadeRate’ Variable to 255 to fade LED with pulse
serialOutputWhenBeatHappens(); // A Beat Happened, Output that to serial.
QS = false; // reset the Quantified Self flag for next time
else {

digitalWrite(blinkPin,LOW); // There is not beat, turn off pin 13 LED

ledFadeToBeat(); // Makes the LED Fade Effect Happen
if (Genotronex.available()){;
if(BluetoothData==‘1’){ // if number 1 pressed …
Genotronex.println("LED On D12 ON ! ");
if (BluetoothData==‘0’){// if number 0 pressed …
Genotronex.println("LED On D12 Off ! ");
delay(20); // take a break

Arduino: 1.8.4 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino/Genuino Uno”

C:\Users\Wicke\AppData\Local\Temp\Temp1_FRAW610IC5CA2WA (2).zip\PulseSensor_wt_BT\PulseSensor_wt_BT.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:

PulseSensor_wt_BT:56: error: ‘serialOutput’ was not declared in this scope

serialOutput() ;


PulseSensor_wt_BT:64: error: ‘serialOutputWhenBeatHappens’ was not declared in this scope

serialOutputWhenBeatHappens(); // A Beat Happened, Output that to serial.


PulseSensor_wt_BT:72: error: ‘ledFadeToBeat’ was not declared in this scope

ledFadeToBeat(); // Makes the LED Fade Effect Happen


exit status 1
‘serialOutput’ was not declared in this scope

This report would have more information with
“Show verbose output during compilation”
option enabled in File → Preferences.

Thanks y’all, appreciate it:)

a) Read the instructions on how to post
b) Put your code in blocks
c) It looks like calls are being made to library functions that are not included. Certainly serialOutput(), serialOutputWhenBeatHappens() and ledFadeToBeat() are not functions of SoftwareSerial (which is the only library you've included) nor are they declared within your own code.

The sketch you download from that instructable consists of multiple files. You may not have seen this in the past since most example sketches or simple projects only have a single .ino file. Your error indicates that at least one of those files is missing since all 3 of those functions are defined in the file AllSerialHandling.ino.