serial over ethernet?

OK I"m trying to find a simple way to transmit information sensor data back and forth over ethernet without creating a web page. I've looking into TCP, UPD, & Telnetting. Right now telnet works great for what I'm trying to do. With the Arduino running a Telnet server the libraries takes up a lot of program space and I don't have enough room then do everything with the sensors I want to control with the arduino. Is there an easier way to get 2 way communication preferably with feedback over ethernet on the Arduino that doesn't take up a large portion of the Arduino program space? Basically I'm trying to do 2 way secure socketing.

It might be worth taking a look at the Bitlash web server example. It allows both telnet and browser access.

The code is in the examples that ship with bitlash, and online at github here:

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Edit: There are telnet-only examples, too, in the distro.

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. Telnet is actually how I'm doing it now. Looking for something simpler.


... and that killed it for the Arduino.

There just isn't enough horsepower for TLS, SSH, etc.


The reason your sketch generates such a large binary is simply that the protocols you are using are quite "fat. If you just want to read a stream of sensor data then raw UDP is a much better and faster way to do it.

Perhaps a more detailed explanation would provide more guidance of help. I agree that "secure" as in encrypted is rather out of the question on say an Uno or a Leonaro.

Tere have been several Arduino compatible 32 bit ARM Cortex boards released lately that may be able to do that. The Teensy 3 might be a candidate or the Galago.