Serial over old RC toy.

Hi, I am posting here, because I have done some general experimentation, but do not know if this is for sure possible so I would like to ask here.

I have a Remote Transmitter and Receiver board from an old RC toy, 27mhz I believe. The old RC toy only controlled one motor, so If i hook up that to an arduino input pin, and run the serial monitor, I can get 1 or 0 depending on if I press the button on the controller or not. The old toy remote has great range.

So, could I hook up the button pad to another arduino’s serial out pin, and the receiver to the first arduino’s serial in pin and establish one way communication?

From what I have seen looking at the arduino’s RX and TX lights, when talking to the computer it looks like it is purely one way, the computer doesn’t “reply” “yes I received the data whole”, or “I missed that send again”. Does that mean I could establish one way serial communication this way? And if so could the “home base” arduino be connected over usb and transmit the data to the computer serial monitor or other software?

Like this

Radio Home
Station ~Wireless~~> Base -------USB------> Computer
Arduino Arduino

I am attempting to use the arduino as a remote weather station, that will be solar powered.

Also if the TX rate of the remote can’t keep up, although it seems to be able to switch as fast as my eyes can see, could i lower the baud rate lower than the serial monitors lowest setting?

Thanks for looking

Just give it a try. It may work, but you may need to use a very vey very low data rate because, unlike other AM transmitters which are constantly powered and just have their output amplitude modulated. It's likely that the push button on your transmitter supplies power to the whole transmitter, I.e both the signal oscillator and the power amplifier.

And the oscillator will take time to start, possible so long that the pushes width on even 240 baud etc is shorter than the startup time

@rogerClark, That is what I was thinking, that it may be slow, but as I am wanting to make a weather station, that can transmit an update every hour or so, it would be perfectly ok if it took 10 minutes to transmit all the sensors updated information.

As for my second question, one way communication works? And if I am only wired to the RX on the home base arduino, I can still use the code to TX the data to the computer over USB?

If I have problems with data degradation, would you recommend sending the data say 5 times and using the home base arduino to pick the most common for each type of sensor?

Say the tempreature was 80F, and it transmitted 80, 80, 165, 80, af. Two are garbage, but because three came through ok it uses those.

I may just by the transmitter modules made for arduino off ebay, but the transmitter I have only requires 13ma when transmitting, I thought it may be more efficient, but if I have to transmit for longer, it wouldn't be.

The VirtualWire package would work with your toy transmitter and receiver, as the data rate is set by you (as slow as you like), and it includes a checksum on each data packet for error detection.