serial plotter does not appear on my monitor

I am using the arduino due to read analogue in voltages. The Ide is version 1.6.9 I can see the voltage values displayed on the serial monitor. However when I select the serial plotter half of the time nothing comes up on the monitor. When I switch back to serial monitor I get an error message saying the serial monitor cannot be opened while the serial plotter is open.

This also happens with the arduino uno.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

I thought the serial plotter was only new in 1.6.12 ?

Don't forget you need to change the print statements to be "Serial.println(variable);" Also remark out any other serial print statements eg. "Serial.println ("test data"); Also watch the baud rate as I had some minor issues with higher speeds.

Had three plots on the same screen running but there is almost zero documentation on the new feature as yet so I have no idea how many you can run.

if you want to retain the data then best to use an external terminal program capable of capture. There are plenty to choose from.

I thought the serial plotter was only new in 1.6.12 ?

Nope. It’s been around for quite a while now, since IDE V1.6.6 IIRC.

You’re right about the lack of documentation though - there’s none that I could find.
I had to go to another site, (‘Destructables’), to get basic info:-
Arduino Serial Plotter

That's actually a very good tutorial.

Points for finding it !

Thanks, that solved the problem (removing print("text").