serial plotter does not appear


I have a project due very soon and I'm freaking out because I can't manage to open up a serial plotter. On ALL the tutorials it says "click the "tools" and then......", but the problem is I can't find the tools button. I've checked in so many places, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get any farther. I would be so greatfull for a reply. Thank you for your time. (I've also tried switching computers (from a macbook air to a windows) but that didn't change anything.)

Dont just jump on other peoples posts please.

First which version of the IDE are you using ?
If you are not using the IDE for a serial plotter then what are you using ?
Can you UPLOAD to the board in question ?
What sketch are you using ? post using code tags ( </> )

Sorry if I’m being too obvious, but there should be a toolbar thing in the top left-hand corner under the title of the window
and that should have a Tools button on it
Does that help? (I couldn’t find it at first either.)


Not a tools button; it's the tools menu.

Here is an example sketch to use with Serial Plotter (In the IDE window, select Tools>Plotter Serial or click CTRL+MAJ+L once the sketch is uploaded. Select baud rate = 250000):

#define sinsize (128)
#define _sinsize (sinsize - 1)
volatile double sine[sinsize];
int i;

void setup() {


  sine[0] = 0.0000;
  for (i = sinsize; i >= 0; i--) {
    sine[i] = 200 * (sinf(i * 2 * PI / _sinsize));
  i = 0;

void loop() {
  uint32_t var;

  i = (i + 1 ) & _sinsize;          // Discard all bits above sinsize
  Serial.print((int)sine[i]);       // Print waveform

  Serial.print(" ");                // print a blanck
  var = (i + (sinsize/3)) & _sinsize;
  Serial.print((int)sine[var]);     // Print waveform 120° phase shifted

  Serial.print(" ");                // print a blanck
  var = (var + (sinsize/3)) & _sinsize;
  Serial.println((int)sine[var]);   // Println waveform 240° phase shifted

sterretje: Not a tools button; it's the tools menu.

The tools button opens up a tools menu.....