Serial Port And deconnection that reset the Arduino UNO

Before i start to do a walkaroud procedure, I was wondering if it's normal that all the Arduino pin get resetted when a sérial connection get ended?

For some reason all variables get reseted and the Void setup() procedure get executed when I close a program on my computer that was connected thru the usb serial port on the Arduino UNO, as if I pressed the reset button. Is there a way to stop that from happening or will I have to store the Bit's on the EEPROM or external register?

Is that even normal?

Any way's thank's in advance if any one has an answer.

I suspect searching "arduino disable auto-reset" would help you solve your problem.

Ah thank’s for giving me the right phrase to search for. At least I now know im not alone. :slight_smile:

So. by simply disabling the DTREnable property on the MSComm object in my vb6, the problem is solved. I’ll have to document further to see if this bring other kind of problem on the way.

But this was easy to settle. :slight_smile: