serial port busy while using python and arduino at the same time

please help, The serial port runs smoothly while using either Arduino or Python once at a time and i can clearly see the data being fetched in serial monitor in Arduino, and when i also run the python program to collect the fetched data from arduino over the same port than python throws error like cant open the serial port. But when i dont run the python program than the Arduino runs very well over the same port without any port busy error.

My idea is to collect the fetched data from Arduino than visualise the collected data using python but running the both Arduino and python program at the same time over same common port throws port busy error either in Arduino or Python. My operating system is Windows 10.

Any ideas or help will be appreciated.

Only one program on your PC can access the serial port at any one time. You have to close the Serial Monitor if you want your Python program to be able to talk to the Arduino.