Serial port '/dev/tty.usbmodem1411' already in use" Mac OSX - With IDE 1.05

I saw many people having this kind of problems in the past, but none with the latest version (1.05).

So here is my problem. My Arduino system has been running fine for months on my Mac (OSX 10.9.2)... then I started to get "Serial port '/dev/tty.usbmodem411' already in use" errors when trying to compile or view trace.

When it happens, there is no solution other than plugging on a different USB port (which quickly becomes unusable as well), then rebooting (which is really painful!!!).

If I check with lsof | grep modem, I get absolutely no result, and when it happens, I'm sure that no other program is using the serial port... So I suspect it's a bug in the IDE.

Any suggestion to solve this problem ? Thanks!

Not bug, have you recently downloaded or installed something that uses USB?

Had same problem on my iMac had installed a flight simulator that kept pinching the usb modem driver..

I didn't install new software, but as you know Mac OSX keeps updating things... Latest updates were Safari, iMovie and BBEdit (nothing really new).

I would really like to have something to analyze the problem, but lsof doesn't answer at all on the port that is supposed to be used. Quitting and re-launching Arduino IDE doesn't help.


Alternately, does someone know how to reset the USB controller without resetting the Mac?
I’m ready to type obscure instructions in the Terminal window… :grin: