Serial Port for LilyPad USB?

I’m completely new to LilyPad and e-textiles and have previously only used a basic Arduino board.

I purchased a Kookye starting kit for working with LilyPad to get an idea of how it works and if it’s something I could use in my science classes. I’ve put the project together and entered the code correctly, but when I press upload I keep getting the error message: “avrdue: error: programmer did not respond to command: exit bootloader”. I was previously getting a message that a port wasn’t begin detected, but when I checked under that tab there was only one option for a port.

I think that the port might be my problem (?). I downloaded FTDI, but there are no additional ports appearing in the dropdown menu. Is there something I’m missing to be able to select a different port? The LilyPad blinks when I initially plug it in, but it stops as soon as I start uploading the code.

My operating system is Mojave, version 10.14.

That is not the correct port. If that's the only port that shows up under the Tools > Port menu then it means your LilyPad is not being recognized by the computer. If so, make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into the LilyPad and the computer. If that doesn't help, try a different USB cable. You might have a damaged, defective, or charge-only USB cable.