Serial Port in Tool option cannot click


I suddenly get problem when trying to download program to my arduino. I get the error message "Did you get select the right one from Tools > SerialPort menu?"

But when I try to click on Tools> Serial Port, the Serial Port menu is grey in colour. I cannot click on it. Before this, I can upload to my board. This problem suddenly happen.

Anyone..Please help.. =(


I also realize that in my device manager, no new port is coming out when I plug in my arduino board..

Anyone have any idea about this?

Did it ever work? Have you looked at the troubleshooting page?

Actually, before this I can download to my board. But suddenly it can’t. and all problem above occur.

Have you looked at the troubleshooting page?

ya..I have see the troubleshoot page. but i not found answer from there.. actually, I think ftdi chip on my board has burn. that why it not detect any change in device driver when i plug in my board to computer. because when i try to plug in my friend's board, it's works..

There is a way to check if the FTDI chip is working. It's right here on the boards, but I'm thinking a direct link might be handy (In case you want to bookmark it. I would, it would save lots of time in the future. Honest! :))

Link is here:,73748.0.html

That way, you'll know if your FTDI chip is burnt out or not, and it might save you the cost of a new Audrino board. :) (Not that there's anything wrong with having more than one handy)

Hey so er... having the same problem with the greying and all..... can somebody simply... SIMPLY explain to me the problem/s..... ?