Serial port is not shown

While running a python program testing Serial communication with Arduino UNO, I found Arduino failed to seek COM port.

I checked Device Manager and it showed Arduino COM port with exclamation mark in a yellow triangle as the image 001.JPG.

I forcely changed COM port from originally COM5 to COM30 with the hope it might repair any damaged com port problem. But, it wasn’t effective.(see the image 002.JPG)

I tried to update driver in accordance with driver software update with driver’s inf files in Arduino folder. (see the image 003.JPG) But, during the update process, a warning window appeared as the image 004.JPG, which says “problems happened while updating”

Furthermore, I’d done the below tries and anything didn’t work.
I changed USB ports to connect the Arduino board to the others in my laptop but, it still had the same problem.
I removed the driver and reconnected Arduino uno but, it wasn’t effective.
I connected the Arduino UNO to another computer, it worked without any problem.
I connected a new Arduino UNO but, it had the same exclamation mark in a yellow triangle.
I deleted Arduino program in my laptop and downloaded the new version 1.6.11 here in and installed it but it has the same problem.
I forcely pasted inf files in Arduino-drivers folder onto window-inf folder and reboot the laptop. It wasn’t effective.
To check if there is any troble in USB ports in the laptop, I connected my smart phone to the USB ports, it worked without any problems.

My laptop has i7 cpu and windows 10.

please advise me what I should do to make my laptop have a correct Arduino driver.





Verify which serial chip your board uses. Check part number on black chip near the usb port. If it’s a ch340g it’s a clone, and the drivers aren’t included with the ide, gotta download and install separately

I forgot to add this. Actually, with the UNO board which has the problem now, there were no problems to use before this problem happened.

I mean I had used the board in my laptop without any problems before the mentioned problem above happened.

The board has Atmel MEGA16U2.

i had same prblem of this. i verify serial chip behind serial port on my arduino board and i found that part number CH430G, so i search for driver on google, installing it to my device manager. and you know? it works, port com11 now appearing now appearing in my Tools menu.

Mine doesn't have CH340 chip. Though, I got the driver for CH340 and installed in case to see if it works. But, it is not working.