Serial Port keeps freezing up after a short while of output

I upload my code that reads some data from an accelerometer/gyro and outputs it via the USB Serial line (Serial.print). When the code is running and I open the serial monitor, I see good data come back for a few seconds, but then within a short while the serial monitor stops showing me output. This seems to increase in frequency if I am moving the Arduino's accel/gyro a lot. I haven't completely ruled out segfaulting, but I'm not doing anything in my application but printing the values from my IMU (using the FreeIMU libraries).

Sometimes, reselecting the baudrate temporarily fixes the problem (the serial monitor restarts and I see data flow again, then it just stops like before). Other times, I have to restart the compiler and unplug the Arduino completely and reconnect in order to see data.

Anyone else have this problem?

Opening and closing the Serial Monitor resets the Arduino. To really help, though, we need to see your code.