Serial port not found on DUE

So, I have program that worked on a previous Arduino DUE.

I downloaded version 1.6.6 of the new software. I downloaded the DUE application for the development environment.

After installation, I went to "Tools-> Board -> Board Manager and I selected "Arduino Sam Boards (32-bits ARM Cortex- M3"

I installed the software.

I then went to Tools-> Board and selected "Arduino Due (Programming Port)".

I rebooted my system.

I then connected the Aduino DUE to my USB port using a "Rocketfish" mini-usb cable. (the board did not come with a programming cable).

The power LED came on and the "L" LED flashed about once a second. The TX and RX LED's did not come on.

I waited a bit to see if the USB driver would load. It did not. I switched to a known good USB port on my computer. It still did not load.

I looked at my "Device manager" and found no Arduino drivers on any of my serial ports or any in the USB Serial Bus controllers menu.

I have a Window 7 64 bit operating system.

My computer is an HP Elitebook 8570.

Yes, facing exactly the same problem. It's not about what system you use, I tried on both Mac and PC, same problem. My guess, as a first time user hence might be wrong, is board damage. Let's see if someone more knowledgeable could prove or disprove that.

Did you use the installer or the zip file?

The installed version seems to work better. But even with the zip file, you can manually install the drivers.

I assume when you connect the Due to the programming port Windows detects a device has been connected? Did you also try the native port? It is highly unlikely both ports are dead...