Serial Port not populating under Tools Tab after FTDI drivers where installed

To whom it may concern.

I have a quick question. I currently have a Lilypad Simple and a FTDI Board. Under the processor, I have ATmega328 and under Board manager I have Lilypad Ardunio. I downloaded the drivers for the board at VCP Drivers - FTDI. After, I restarted everything. However, upon re-opening the arduino software to run the blink script. I found that the port tab is still grayed out. As a precaution I downloaded all .exe driver files and installed them. Unfortunately, this didn't work. I'm wondering if I did something wrong in the install. Or, if it could be the hardware (FTDI board)
LilyPad Arduino Simple Board - DEV-10274 - SparkFun Electronics (Lilypad Simple)



I'm assuming you're using Windows.

  • Unplug the USB from the FTDI board
  • Open Device Manager,
  • Plug the USB into the FTDI board
  • Do you see a new device appear? It should be under Ports (COM & LPT) or Other Devices.


Yes I’m currently running window 10.
I tried what you said. Unfortunately, the port tab in the drop down menu is still grayed out. I went back to the official FTDI site and looked through the manual installation process. After re-downloading and re-plugging in the drivers and FTDI board. I found under Windows button/device manager/universal serial bus controller. The (usb serial converter) is not populating… I tried viewing hidden items to see if my computer hid it for some reason, but it wasn’t there. Below are some pictures of what I’m seeing



The instructions in my last post were not intended to get it working, the point was for you to give me information I could use to help you. Please answer the question:

Do you see a new device appear? It should be under Ports (COM & LPT) or Other Devices.


Yes, It also changes when I change ports. Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port ← what is listed under >ports (COM & LPT)

Ok, the problem is that the Amazon seller scammed you. It's not an FTDI adapter, it's using a different brand of chip, Prolific. Probably it's the PL2303. I was wondering why the photo on that amazon listing had the top of the chip either sanded or photoshopped so you can't see the markings, I was guessing counterfeit FTDI. Well with those business practices it might still be a counterfeit PL2303 but hopefully not. The FTDI drivers won't work for the PL2303 and the Arduino IDE also doesn't include those drivers. You will need to install the driver. I have no experience with Prolific but try these drivers out: Products