"Serial port not selected" error on windows 10, on Arduino IDE.

I'm starting to work on the Arduino Uno to carry out a project.
I'm starting by doing some simple tests, to learn how to work with programming and everything. Only, every time I try to upload the code in the IDE to the Arduino, I get a "Serial port not selected" error. I then tried to select the card and the port, however, the option to select the port is not available, as you can see in the images I will send.
In addition, whenever I connect the Arduino to the computer, a "USB device not recognized" message appears. I thought it would be a problem in the drivers, so I followed some youtube methods to try to solve the problem, but Windows without says that the installed drivers are already the most updated.
I already tested it on another computer, but the same thing happens ... Do you have any idea how to solve this problem? Follow the images below:



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If this is a clone, you might need a driver. Check the engraving on the chip closest to the USB port. If it’s a CH340, you can download it from the Chinese website of the manufacturer.