"Serial port not selected" Message

When I run the Arduino software, I get a "Serial port not selected." When I go to Tools to select a port, the Port is grayed out.

I tried to install the CH340 drivers, but I get "The drive is successfully pre-installed in advance"

I also tried the Add hardware Wizard - Action, add legacy, Arduio Uno, but get "software for this device is installed, but may not work correctly"
The device cannot start (Code 10)

I am using version 1.8.15 and tried the 1.0.6
The Uno board is plugged into USB port and the red light is lighted up.

We don't know what 'Arduino' you have!

Arduino Uno clone/copy.

Try a different USB cable. I've had a lot of issues with some cables.

Turns out the arduino board was bad,

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