Serial port ok, cloud value does not change.


I did the LED control test, I can turn on and off the led on my MKR1010, from any mobile device.

I connect a DS18B20 to my MKR1010 and the serial monitor shows the correct temperature in real time, it also tells me that the connection to the cloud is correct, but I go to the cloud and the temperature value shows 0 C, and it never changes, try all possible combinations in the properties of the thing, I have already tried and searched for information for many days.
I attach the Sketch.

Does anyone really have temperature measurement in the cloud with the mkr1010? Can someone help?

Hi, @ART1057

I can immediately see that you store the result of getTemp() into a variable named temp_ds18, while your property in the cloud is named ABRIL28.
(a hint: try to give your properties meaningful names for you not to get confused easily).

If you change your code in the loop to be

//float temp_ds18= sensors.getTempC(address1); //Se obtiene la temperatura en ºC
ABRIL28 = sensors.getTempC(address1); //Se obtiene la temperatura en ºC

you'll see that it will work if you have a successful connection to IoT Cloud

At the following link you'll find a full tutorial which explains everything that happens when you create a Thing and the code is generated. We also explained in as much detail as possible how variables become connected to properties.

keep us posted if you have more issues.