Serial port overload?


I put my arduino to print millis() on the serial port in void loop.

when i try to upload new code, it cant find the serial port (but i can open the serial monitor to see the output) :~

is it possible to manually reset the code on the arduino(deleting the old code, not only starting it over)?

it cant find the serial port

Do you mean that you are not able to select the Arduino's serial port in the IDE?

Hi pownyan,

the same thing happened to me when i was fiddeling with the serial console, writing values i read from a potentiometer to the console. I ended up getting the "... out of sync ..." error when trying to upload differnt code, couldn't find the usb-port when reconnecting the board, etc.

Not to sure whether you can manually reset the code, as you call it, since you need a working serial/usb-connection to write code to the board and your compi can't find the board, as you said.

So, what i did, was just keep trying to get a connection to the board (pulling usb-plug, reconnecting, pressing the reset button), which eventually happened, and uploaded blink.

I think what happens is that you're kind-of-overloading the serial port with outgoing data and it is almost impossible to get the link into receiving mode: i recognized the tx-led on the board being lit all the time. What helped here was inserting a short delay() after each serial.print(), so that i can get the boards attention for a short while. I'm sure there are better ways (interrupts for example), but i'm only just starting to learn about arduino, so i hope this helps.

Cheers Matti


I was able to uppload blink after a half hour of unplugging the usb and pressing the reset buttun :P